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If your processes rely on customer supplied PDF account statements, you need to be sure they’re legitimate. Credit Sense Authenticate can help you reduce fraud and speed up your onboarding and other processes that rely on PDF account statements.

PDF Account Statement Fraud Check

Many credit assessment processes rely on customer supplied PDF account statements, exposing the business to the risk of fraud if they’ve been manipulated in any way.

Credit Sense Authenticate enables businesses to get a fast and reliable fraud check on customer supplied PDF account statements.

Our bank statement verification software has been developed and refined using known genuine PDF account statements to deliver a fast, reliable bank statement fraud check service.

What’s In The Box?

Credit Sense Authenticate includes:

Fraud Check Report

A fraud check report including a fraud rating for each PDF account statement you submit.

PDF Account Statement Meta-Sort

You can submit multiple customer supplied PDF account statements, for multiple accounts at once, and for each account we will tell you:

  • Statement period start date
  • Statement period end date, and
  • Automatically identify any missing account statement periods

Technical Support

Access to your own Account Manager and Technical Account Manager to help with everything from getting started with our no-integration solution, right through to integrating the customer journey in your online application and automating data delivery.

Client Dashboard

Access to our fully featured client dashboard.


User training for your staff.

Key Benefits



Credit Sense is ISO 27001 certified by certification body Lloyds Register including all of our systems, assets, people and processes involved in supporting and maintaining our platform and its information security.


Fast real-time PDF account statement verification

Credit Sense Authenticate’s fraud check feature takes less than 5 seconds to return a fraud check report on your customer supplied PDF account statements.


Identify missing PDF account statements

Credit Sense Authenticate’s meta-sort feature allows you to submit all customer supplied PDF account statements at once (multiple PDF account statements for multiple accounts) and identify if you are missing any PDF account statements in the time-series.


Speed up your assessment process

Fraud check all customer supplied PDF account statements and ensure you’re not missing any in one step, reducing fraud and ensuring you get all the documents you need faster.


Convert PDF account statements to an Affordability profile

Want to make your credit assessment process even faster? Talk to us about how you can build a Credit Sense Affordability Profile report using the data from your customer supplied PDF account statements.

Use Cases


Customer onboarding.

Reduce the risk of fraud in the lending, fintech, telco, utilities, financial and professional services spaces. Onboard customers faster and verify customer supplied PDF account statements are legitimate with Credit Sense Authenticate’s fraud check and meta-sort features.



Confirm the PDF account statements your customer’s supply are legitimate and ensure you have all the documents you need. Reduce fraud, improve customer satisfaction and get customers approved faster.


Verify identity documents.

If you accept PDF account statements when verifying your customer’s identity, ensure those documents are legitimate and protect your business from fraud in one easy step with Credit Sense Authenticate.


Real estate rental management.

Manage risk more effectively when onboarding new rental leases. Verify tenant supplied PDF account statements quickly and easily when you establish a new property lease.

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