Release Notes


This page contains selected release notes, updated monthly. The release notes only relate to the current production system and only include new features and enhancements that will benefit Credit Sense users. We deploy new releases at least weekly and they contain many more internal commits than listed on this page. As a general rule, we tend to work on two versions of the product at the same time: one currently in production and the next-generation version of our platform.


Enhancements – performance improvements, updating existing features and documentation
New Features – new features and products

2021 Releases

October 2021

  • Improved handling of customer consent emails in the customer journey

September 2021

New Features
  • Implemented v2 reports with Credit Sense branding
  • Updated UI messaging for users attempting to log in to the client dashboard using a disabled user account
  • Improved various visual patterns in document upload page on client dashboard

August 2021

New Features
  • Added v2 Data Only Categorised report
  • Added v2 Data Only Uncategorised report
  • Added v2 Tenancy Affordability report
  • Updated API docs with responses for document upload endpoints
  • Implemented ability to clone existing applications created via document upload
  • Added tooltip to show full App Reference on the client dashboard
  • Improved handling of file names on HTML reports renamed using document upload
  • Added prefilling of email in customer journey T&Cs when the email is known
  • Improved document upload page in the client dashboard
  • Implemented partner-branded welcome emails for new users
  • Improved blur mask displayed on the user profile page when creating or updating users

July 2021

New Features
  • Implemented document upload API
  • Updated client dashboard to support the creation of applications via document upload
  • Improved various visual patterns on v2 reports
  • Improved various visual patterns on client dashboard
  • Added help docs widget to the client dashboard

June 2021

  • Updated email template for quick links sent in Canada
  • Updated v2 report schema to include the report code
  • Added suite of Commercial Decision Points to the Commercial report
  • Implemented CSV transaction export on the Commercial report
  • Added secure password-free access to help docs for users logged in to the client dashboard
  • Improved performance creating a CSV export from Commercial reports with large transaction sets

May 2021

  • Improved various visual patterns on v2 reports
  • Updated supported data sources in API docs
  • Implemented improved patterns on v2 reports to visually identify ‘Uncertain’ ongoing trends

April 2021

New feature
  • Added v2 Commercial report
  • Added v2 Detailed Affordability CCCFA report for New Zealand clients
  • Added support for sending quick links via SMS in Canada
  • Enabled v2 reports for leads page in client dashboard
  • Improved performance viewing v2 reports on client dashboard
  • Improved various visual patterns on v2 reports
  • Updated client dashboard login flow options
  • Added suite of CCCFA Decision Points to the Detailed Affordability CCCFA report

March 2021

New Features
  • Added partner-branded v2 reports
  • Updated partner branding on client dashboard login pages
  • Enabled display of partner-branded reports via the ‘view’ button on the client dashboard
  • Updated API docs with a preview of the v2.2 API
  • Updated welcome email sent to new clients
  • Improved various visual patterns on v2 reports
  • Reduced load times on v2 reports
  • Added partner-branded new client onboarding email comms
  • Enabled delivery of v2 reports via API and webhook

January 2021

  • Updated ‘app search’ API to improve performance

2020 Releases

December 2020

New Features
  • Added Decision Point 626 to flag business bank accounts

November 2020

  • Updated bank test credentials to avoid triggering Chrome browser password warnings
  • Improved user login to client dashboard

October 2020

New Features
  • Added Decision Points 580-615 for home loan products
  • Reduced processing time in the customer journey

September 2020

  • Improved CIBC login form for customers with multi-factor authentication
  • Improved deliverability of quick links via SMS in New Zealand
  • Improved sort order of banks when creating quick links via the client dashboard
  • Updated report schema in API docs
  • Updated content for customer consent emails in Canada
  • Added path to v2.1 API to check which environments a set of API credentials has access to
  • Updated content in client invoicing emails

August 2020

New Features
  • Introduced enhanced billing functionality
  • Added support for transfering report ownership between clients using a transfer token

July 2020

New Features
  • Added Decision Points 557, 560 and 561 for income and salary
  • Added ability to subscribe to system notices
  • Updated help text in NAB Connect Business Banking login form
  • Updated customer consent email content
  • Updated customer consent email delivery functionality

June 2020

New Features

  • Added status subscription on Change Bank step in the customer journey
  • Added Decision Points 555 and 556 for income
  • Updated quick link email content
  • Added custom expiration period for quick links